Hutton Sabre Sword

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In order to provide a realistic military training sword . the blade and hilt of this Hutton Sabre are modeled after true military sabres. The blade has been shortened and lightened and features a rounded tip for more effective training. As a result . this model exhibits greater flexibility than the live military sword.

19th century Italian style sabre fencing is in growing popularity within historical fencing societies. This style began with fencing masters whose job it was to train mounted troops in effective use of the military sabre. Guiseppe Radaelli . a fencing master from Milan has been given credit for initiating this style. Changes and refinements to the style were later added by Salvatore Pecoraro and resulted in the Military Master School in Rome to adopt this style. The hilts that were originally developed by these two men have been reproduced here in our fencing sabers. They feature stainless steel guards and wire-wrapped sharkskin-pattern grips. The blades are made of high-carbon flex-tempered steel and follow the proportions of the period and are button-tipped for safety. The blade and hilt of this Hutton Sabre are close to the style of a true military sabre.

Made by Hanwei


Overall: 37 ¼"
Blade Length: 31"
Handle Length: 6"
Weight: 1lb 6oz

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